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Edicts of the Council of Carthage,

1. Act with integrity

Your actions will represent this group, make sure they represent us well. This means griefing in any manner will not be tolerated, nor will forcing other commanders to defect to any power, including Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Most notably, this rule is concerned with combat logging.

The practice of combat logging is dishonorable. As Frontier Developments have stated themselves, it is considered cheating and a breach of terms and conditions.

For those of you who are not yet aware what combat logging is, here is an explanation.

When a player is near destruction, he/she can initiate a combat log by exiting the game client or quitting the Elite: Dangerous application. In-game, you can see the ship floating about for a few seconds but no damage registers, resulting in wasted ammo and possible further damage to aggressors. The player can then re-enter the game, often recovering some or all health (as the servers haven't registered their damage before their log out).

If you are in a situation where you face death, face it with honor and live with the consequences of your actions. Realize that in doing so, you are playing in the spirit of the game and not breaching the in-game rules.

If a recording of you is made where you combat log you will be removed from the Legion roster. Recorded combat logging produces extremely poor publicity for our player faction and will not be tolerated.

If you have questions regarding this Edict, please don't hesitate to ask in a comment below.

For our honor!

2. Real life comes first

If you have to leave suddenly for work, or school, or need to finish a project, that's fine. Us Praetors want to remind you that Elite: Dangerous is a video game. Whilst we all appreciate your devotion to the glorious cause of the Emperor, no video game is worth destroying your body or aspects of your life. Take breaks often, and try to limit your gaming to average 1-4 hours a day. Trust me, we won't hold it against you.

Going inactive or leaving the group is fine, but please let us know in the forums section when you plan on returning. Again, we respect required leave, but it helps us keep track of how many active members we have.

3. Multi-faction membership guidelines

Membership with other player factions is discouraged and mostly not allowed.

Membership with another group has to be requested with Legion Praetors. The Praetor Council will then discuss the conditions of said request privately, and will ultimately be approved or disapproved. If a member is found to be a part of a previously requested faction that has been disapproved, that is grounds for removal from Lavigny's Legion.

The following is a general guideline of what can or cannot be approved by Lavigny's Legion.

Universally approved:
If a member wants to also be an Inquisitor with the Inquisition it's a clear approval. This applies to other ALD-related philanthropic factions.
Requires further discussion:
If a member wants to also be a member of a multi Power group like EXO or an Independent group, the member has to be evaluated individually. Approval generally is associated with a higher devotion to Legion activities as opposed to other said faction.
If a member wants to also be a member of an infamous faction, membership will more than likely not be approved. This encompasses factions such as criminal organisations like the Vail, Corvos, the Code, or the Smiling Dog Crew (a blacklist will be drafted soon and posted here). In this scenario the member has to choose either them or the Legion.

Flying with such infamous groups is not allowed and is grounds for disciplinary action or removal from the Legion.

We know some of this may seem harsh, but it's because of the player-based politics of the Elite: Dangerous community that this has to be made clear. The amount of political tension that occurs between factions and powers on a daily basis is unprecedented and can dramatically change the balance of power within days. Association with infamous factions can create tension both within the Legion and between faction leadership.

If you would like remain a member of Lavigny’s Legion but also join any other faction, please contact a Praetor (a list of which is in the site roster).

4. No soliciting.

This implicitly refers to the solicitation of Elite players with real-world goods. This is a breach of Frontier's Terms of Service and will not be tolerated. Infractors against this rule will be reported to Frontier, and membership with the Legion will be terminated immediately.

5. Announce your activity every month

Please respond to this thread once a month:

Failure to do so will result in removal from the roster. Of course, announcing leave prior to a month of absence is more acceptable. We will post the list of potentially terminated members on the Discord server and in the forums as a final warning each month.