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Lavigny's Legion Sites
These are official Lavigny's Legion sister sites or tools. It is recommended you make use of them to better work with your fellow Legionnaires.

Discord - Official Discord Voice/Text chat channels for PC and Xbox Legion members
Inara - Official Inara wing, for fleet management, trading tools and pilot tracking

Frontier Community & Support
Frontier Development owned and otherwise useful page about Elite Dangerous, Support and the Elite Community at large.

Elite Community & Status - Game news and server status
Elite Dev Tracker RSS - RSS Feed of latest posts from FDEV staff on Elite Forum
Elite Galnet News - Official in game news stories and player submitted articles
GalNet RSS - GalNet RSS Proxy, because the official RSS feed is buggy
Elite Forum - Official FDEV forum for discussion of Elite Dangerous
Elite Wiki - Unofficial Community Wiki for Elite Dangerous

Elite Bug Reporting Forum - Search for and report game bugs
Elite Support - Knowledge base, support requests, and bug reporting

Related Reddits
Reddit is where many commanders and factions coordinate with each other, perhaps even more-so than the Official Frontier Forums as it is much easier to navigate through all the relevant posts and cross-post when needed.

/r/EliteLavigny - The Power Play Reddit for ALC, many sister groups participate here
/r/LavignyInquisition - Collective of Imperials that focus on the Background Simulation
/r/TheImperialCoalition - Imperial factions working in cooperation with each other
/r/ImperialHighCommand - Imperial factions working in cooperation with each other

/r/EliteDangerous - The main Reddit for all of Elite Dangerous

Useful Tools
These are some useful sites and tools that can help make your Elite experience more enjoyable, profitable, efficient or otherwise improved.

E:D Market Connector - Auto exports (Optional Hotkey Support) market & travel logs etc to CVS/EDDB/EDSM/INARA
FGE EDDiscovery 2 - Explorer travel tracker, prospecting and cataloging tool, exports travel logs to EDDB/EDSM
WaveScanner.Net - Examples of SRV Wave Scanner detection profiles
Coriolis - Online ship outfitting tool, compatible with Inara fleets
EDSM - Travel tracking, compatible with Market Connector
EDDB - Trade route calculator

Fuel Rats - Community driven emergency refueling service for ships in distress