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Lavigny's Legion Turns 1 year old

Cmdr.ImperiusII / May 28, 2016
Today is the first anniversary of Lavigny's Legion. 5/28/2015 is when the group was ready to be open to the public to join. It all started when Rockser, I, and a few others noticed that none of the existing groups were backing the one true heir of the empire senator Arissa Lavigny Duval. So we created Lavigny's Legion the senators personal legion with the ultimate goal of securing the throne for the emperor, And uniting the empire against the true enemy's.

2 weeks Later it was rockser who created the ALD sub reddit and from their we Had a massive influx of new members in 1 month we peeked at 400 registered members. In between this time and Operation davy jones which became the Pegasi pirate war Na'qan developed Silent Running Combat and the elite tactics behind it.

This Legion has the honor of creating a new pvp meta, Winning the throne, Creating IHC and The Imperial Summit, and waging the only canonized Player war in power play against archon delaine.

All these things of course is because of the Great ideas that come from our members and others who are willing to step up and take a little of the burden it takes to keep the legion running. Thank you all it's been a monumental year and looking back elite could be a little different today without Lavigny's Legion.

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I added this to my ALD-Frontier-Thread (Link) and a news to the German ED-forum.
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