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Lavigny’s Legion wins election

bloody ady / May 19, 2016
(Murus - May 17th 3302)
On May 17th Lavigny’s Legion has won the election over the Azreal Empire Consulate (AEC).
AEC has appeard in Murus on May 11th and has made a claim for more control over the system. With the first rivals in line, Lavigny’s Legion.
At the start of the election there has been much support for the new comers AEC. The 4 day election took an unexpected turn when AEC gained substantial support. Upon the investigation into the AEC’s agenda, LL representative Centurion Kaylion has discovered and surfaced evidence of corruption and abuse formally committed by the AEC. Once facing the people of Murus with these truths, AEC influence and votes dropped significantly causing the Consulate to retreat from the elections.
Lavigny's Legion Consul Lucius Lavigny and the people of Murus would like to thank Centurion Kaylion for his vigilance and all Legionnaires involved in the investigations for their continued efforts to bring justice and prosperity to to the people of the Empire.

Adrastus Paulus
Praetor of Lavigny’s Legion

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bloody ady
I don't know if you are aware. But we were one inch from losing control of the system. Were it not for the Praetorian Cohort, we would have lost months of progress. Please pay attention to the BGS channels on our discord and help the BGS anytime you can. One of the Cohort Centurions will help you if you need any advice or support.
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