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Edicts of the Council of Carthage

bloody ady / May 16, 2016
More then ever are we faced with inactive members that have either left to go their own way or have stopped playing ED all together.

By order of the Consul Lucius Lavign, effective imedietly we introduce a mandatory monthly "Hail" to see how many members are still active and can be counted on. Leaving the Legion without saying goodbye is just rude.. Failing to comply will result in the loss of one rank upto 3 months where the member will be terminated. Exceptions can be made if a member lets leadership know if they will be gone for above a month.

This edict applies to everyone, even Centurions and Praetors.

A method to "Hail the Emperor" monthly will be dissclosed in the comments to this news post.
So relax and stay tuned. THAT'S AN ORDER!!!


Finally. :)

One suggestion nevertheless: I would appreciate a monthly BASK!
bloody ady
Please use this thread to post a random “Hail to the Emperor” once a month:

Based on the last post made, the members roster on shivtr shows the last time a member has been active.
If we see a member has been inactive for longer than 1 month (+2 weeks to be sure), we will post the list of inactive members to be demoted one rank down on that thread and on our Discord server before actually doing so.
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