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Background Story: CMDR Xander --)

Roleplay thread... so just putting my background story here...Background Story: CMDR Xander --)Veteran of the many conflicts, this old campaigner likes to tell war stories over a glass of whiskey to any that will listen, he even claims to have sur...
Small Xander --) 2y
Xander --)1398Small Xander --) 2y

This is the NPC Leader of Lavigny's Legion Lucius Lavigny ,know informally by us as Cousin Louie,Senator of Carthage
Small Cmdr.ImperiusII 3y
Cmdr.ImperiusII12889Small bloody ady 2y

I caught a bad case.

Space Herpes.All over the ship, nasty little buggers.Any suggestions on clearing them up would be much appreciated.In case you are unfamiliar with this horrendous condition:
Small Dren Dakkar 3y
Dren Dakkar0308Small Dren Dakkar 3y
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