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Roleplay thread... so just putting my background story here...

Background Story: CMDR Xander --)

Veteran of the many conflicts, this old campaigner likes to tell war stories over a glass of whiskey to any that will listen, he even claims to have survived interdiction into witch space by the Thargoids. Having mellowed over time he lets people choose what they want to believe, and likes to live and let live and enjoy life. If he has a religion then that religion is hedonism, be that in the form of loose women, drink or a fine cigar… even better all three together.

Liking the finer things the Empire was the only choice for Xander, who thinks the Feds are too hypocritically moralistic.

He loves his imperial ships and likes to fly his jet black Imperial Courier or do longer runs in the Cutter, but he’s not above taking any ship out to do a job and has paid his way up the Federal ranks (there are always corrupt officials there when you need them) to get access to Federation hardware. His lifestyle needs funding and he’ll go in to combat, trade, smuggle or explore for profit.

He’s loyal to his friends and allies and living in Dvorsi near Carthage he is a long term supporter of the Duval lineage and Lavigny’s Legion. Rarely do his ships return without a scratch or two, whether that’s from a conflict zone, a hurried smuggling mission or just a couple too many Lavian Brandies before flying through the station airlock.

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