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Over the past two months Lavignys Legion has slowly been reorganizing with what we call the Cohort Reforms, recovering from the mess we were. The legion was using multiply forms of communication including a sub Reddit , Teamspeak, Discord, and a failed website that only i had admin rights to.

The first step in these reforms was to shed the inactive members of Lavignys Legion and create a new website that the praetors can jointly administer. this is the Shivtr site we are using now. while this was going on we also updated our INARA wing.

The second Step was Reorganizing Our communications Platform Our group has left the team speak in favor of discord for in game communications. Lavigny's Legion currently has two discords one for Xbox which is shared with all of the ALD xbox imperials and another for PC which is exclusively ours. We are no longer on teamspeak, if you didn't know.

The third step was adding ranks to the Legionary and centurion roles. As well as the initiate rank. The idea behind these ranks is to reward member contributions and dedication to the group. The initiate rank is meant to act as a trial for new members, If any of our Legionary members can help confirm an initiate is active or participating please Let the praetors know so we can promote them to Legionary. Lavigny's Legion has also gotten rid of the Magistrate rank and replaced it with Consul, this position is only activated in times of war or other urgency's where decisions don't have time for votes. The Consul must be voted in by the praetors and must step down from the title after the danger has past. To veiw the Legion ranks go to ROSTER and scroll down to LEGION RANKS

The fourth and final step in the cohort reforms is the Cohort system itself.

A cohort is like a squadron, ideally each cohort will be managed by a centurion and have a unique focus like Background sim, exploring, Pvp or Power play. Also the hope is that the members of a cohort will become close friends and keep that small group feel alive as Lavigny's Legion grows bigger and more influential in the galaxy. It's not mandatory for everyone to join a cohort & a cohort is only open to the legion rank or higher. Each cohort will be administered by a Centurion. Today we implemented the cohort forum section.

Please use this thread to ask any questions you have about anything mentioned.
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