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[Pinned] Welcome package for new Legionnaires (read and follow the points!)

Welcome to Lavigny’s Legion Legionnaire!The Legion consist of the following ranks:Initiate – new recruits, after a few weeks active (Forum/Discord!), maximum a month, you become Legionnaire.Legionary – Those who have proven themselves in battle an...
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[Pinned] Check out a cohort for PvP,power play, or The Legions BGS

The cohorts are up and running but we could use more members in them to be as effective as they could be. Each cohort specialize in a particular field or role for the legion. But if needed they will can be temporarily re tasked on a Legion priorit...
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[Pinned] Join Us On Discord

DISCORD is a free voice and text communication platform designed for gamers. Many Elite Dangerous groups have already made the switch to Discord as it streamlines communications in ways better than TeamSpeak/Ventrillo/Mumble ever could. It's possi...
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[Pinned] Unregistered Users Readme

Hello and welcome to our site. This section of the forum is for unregistered users, or users having issues logging into their account, to be able to communicate with us. This is not a general discussion forum or otherwise, it is for those who need...
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@everyone:LL: _***(UN)OFFICIAL LEGION EVENT! COMBAT TRAINING AND SPARRING! ***_ :LL:*Sorry for the short notice! If you can’t make this one, I want to start doing this sort of thing on the regular, so don’t sweat it!*_**Time: **_ Friday, 16th, at ...
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Easy Federal Rank Grind

Found a cheeky guide on Steam Forums showing 2 Courier systems much like the ADITI run I had posted for Imperial Rank grind. about 2 Days of work from Warrant Officer to Rear Adm...
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Background Story: CMDR Xander --)

Roleplay thread... so just putting my background story here...Background Story: CMDR Xander --)Veteran of the many conflicts, this old campaigner likes to tell war stories over a glass of whiskey to any that will listen, he even claims to have sur...
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Organised Fortification and Counter-Undermining

Good Day, Commanders,Each week we encounter strong and organized resistance to our power, with specific systems being targeted and overwhelmed before we are able to mount an organized resistance.Is there an organized strategy for the expansion and...
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Easy Imperial Rank Grind

Discovered a pretty good Imperial rank grind system as I and many others have found ADITI to be a bit too much hit and miss...So there 4 Empire factions in HIP 10716, take on all the Imperial Data runs via cycling through the mission board from SO...
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Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Oi! Oi! Oi!o7 All! I'm curious as to how many Australians, New Zealanders or other South Western Asia Pacific players we have in the WING. As most people know, we have trouble winging up with people within USA, UK etc... Not impossible, but diffic...
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Screenshot Thread

Thought it would be fun. New Carthage during the CGExploring in the Dumbbell Nebula
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Hail from the Tribuo Aquila!

Greetings all,After a long absence, and being inactive I have returned for duty and making myself known!Glad to be in the group! Looking forward to doing some good work with you all.
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What's your favorite Video Editing method?

I'm using OBS and tried using virtualdub for editing but it doesn't support flv or mp4 editing.What's your streamlined method of editing videos to post into youtube? :D
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The Beauty of Elite Dangerous (video) you other videos like this, please set into this thread.
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SRVing on Cho (Carthage)

The graphics of 2.1 improved a lot! Really impressive (using EDTracker for headtracking).!282&authkey=!AIDMQk796VC7Y0k&ithint=album%2c
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Where do we discuss preperation targets?

I am looking around the map for good prep targets and would like to know where do I post what I find for discussion to see if we can arrange mass prep?ThanksExHail Arissa
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Something to do for bored CMDRs, also asking for a little help.

hey guys, if anyone is looking for those sweet sweet merits, there is a system called Neche where you can undermine felicia. You get 30 merits for every courier you pull over and destroy. It is an anarchy system so you will not get a bounty so rig...
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Submit your combat clips for our promotional montage video!

Hi there, I'm one of the public relations artists and I was willing to make a video montage of us blowing up some enemies. In order to do that I need clips, a lot of clips, but there are a few requirements that I need to be respected to maintain a...
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Just hit rank 5. Feels good.

o7 CMDRs! I just managed to hit rank 5 (cut it a little close seeing as the cycle ends in less than an hour!), and man was it a bit of a grind. It feels good though, and I'm looking forward to the bounty bonuses that come along with the new rank. ...
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The Cohort reforms

Over the past two months Lavignys Legion has slowly been reorganizing with what we call the Cohort Reforms, recovering from the mess we were. The legion was using multiply forms of communication including a sub Reddit , Teamspeak, Discord, and a f...
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